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Larry Keith Reed

The Uncorruptible Committee
FEC campaign ID C00341750
Telephone # (951) 685-4398


Reed questions if he should sign up as an independent or write-in candidate to become United States President 2008?

     At the beginning of the month Reed received a notice from the Calfiornia Secretary of State saying he could sign up as either a write-in or independent candidate to become Untied States President or US Vice President. The notice and application says Reed will need to put together 54 electors to fill out an application and submit it to the California Secretary of State. And, in essence the voters would be voting for the electors and Reed together.

     Reed says he is not sure if it would be worth the time?  However, the Secretary of State does not require any filing fee to sign up as a write-in candidate. 

     If any of you are interested?  Please send us an email letter to And, you should not forget that if Reed was to win?  He will achieve the United States Congress and US House of Budget and Management's consent to print and provide each citizen a monetary entitlement up to one quarter to one half million dollars.  The monetary entitlement will be allowed to each citizen to purchase and own a home, transportation, pay bills, have money between employment, and for retirement, etc... He also will provide each citizen a free health insurance benefit plan! And, Reed will reveal and provide training to a group of different physicians to use his very own patent pending medical invention!  His patent pending medical invention is capable of sustaining and prolonging life by using only two hands and a soft cloth. 

Anyway!  You should all think about it.

Thank you.

God Bless.

PS You should all remember that Mr. Larry Keith Reed does not allow any person under any circumstance or benefit to deliberately look either similar or identical his own facial features or photos! And, Mr. Larry Keith Reed refuses to allow any person to impersonate him in facial features or person by becoming either reborn, reincarnated, resurrected, or like an image or look alike of him. Furthermore, Mr. Larry K. Reed will conjure the lawful arrest and prosecution of any person who attempts to impersonate him or presents themselves as a look alike by false pretense. Pursuant to US Title 18, section 1028, California Penal Code section 529, P. 530, P. 532, P. 182 (1), the tort of the Invasion of the Right to Privacy and the court decisions that limit the freedom of religion and the press regarding trespass on identity.

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I will like to mention that my appearance has changed so much during the past 11 1/2 years that a number of people don't even know the photo is of me! And, I end up feeling sort of ridiculed and disheartened. However, I will try to get a new photo soon.

You may verify our campaign was legitimate by going to the California Secretary of State and Federal Election Commission's homepage at: and . You can view the California Primary 98 Candidate Statements by scrolling down the page until you see, Larry K. Reed, and the Uncorrupitlbe Committees statewide committee ID.  And, you can verify my US Vice Presidential information by clicking on, "Campaign Finance Reports and Data." There you will observe, "search the image and disclosure statements." Then all you need to do is click on individual committee's, or candidates, and write in, "uncorruptible," or, "Larry K." Thank you!

Thank you.

God Bless America!

An Important Message: The photo above is an old picture of, "Mr. Larry K. Reed," during 1996. It also has a copyright. So, let be known that, "Mr. Larry K. Reed," won't allow any person to look alike or impersonate him by either looking similar or identical as his own facial features; or by resembling his photo's; or in the event of his death; or by any other method such as being reborn, resurrected, or reincarnated! Pursuant to the laws that prevent criminal identity theft and California Penal Code section's 529(2)(3), P. 532, US Title 18, section 1028, the, "Tort of the Invasion of the Right to Privacy," and the, "United State's Constitution," and, "Bill of Rights," "Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment.